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María Fernanda Molins


Monse Castera

On Momo Room, a new space for artists in Mexico City for Rookie Mag.

When I was 18, I thought I was going to be a politician. Then I realized that was my father’s voice coming through me. I actually wanted to do something more creative, something that would reflect how sensitive I am. Crying every two days had to be useful for something. I went from film, to fashion, to embroidery, to production, to writing and I finished, after having been in many publications, as the editor of i-D Magazine in Mexico.

Being the editor of a publication about young culture is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I made contact with an endless number of creatives who were changing the Mexico in which I grew up. They were questioning parameters of beauty, rules about fashion, and above all, Mexican identity. While publishing about projects, parties, and talented women, new culture was born: a new Latin electronic music style, events honoring women in different scenes, new brands that did not fear to take inspiration from our own streets, and many other things. The star collaborator was María Fernanda Molins, who is also a star collaborator of Rookie.

During one of the three crises that I usually have each month, I wondered how I could bring the editorial exercise to something closer to the people. Something beyond a Facebook like or computer. This is how I started the M O M O R O O M, a space designed to promote the work of talented people.

It can be difficult to make a project of your own, especially when you do not have money. Many people have told me that it is foolish to do something without money, but something inside of me tells me that if I go ahead, If I work hard and continue to grow the project, it will eventually be successful, but what is success? Maybe I am already living it, and because I do not go by the book, I don’t realize it. Success is not measured by money or fame, but by the love that a project is adding to the community surrounding it.

M O M O R O O M started as pop-up, always with a theme. Like a magazine, I select different types of works for a theme, from fashion design to art and photography. It has also been presented at music festivals, art fairs and as solo shows.

These photographs were taken by María Fernanda Molins, almost a year after her accident. The idea is to be able to continue collaborating with her as we always have. The model is Francisca Pardo, one of our favorite teenagers. We made the production while presenting the last pop-up from last year, with the independent brands Relax It’s Only Flesh, Shinae Park, Stromboli Associates, and Korimini. Many of these brands do not have stockists or much promotion, and my job is to connect their work with the people who enjoy it.

After the earthquake on September 19, 2017, my project got a bit unbalanced. For some months I thought I would have to end it, but my intuition told me that everything would be fine. This month I opened my first permanent store. The idea is to help young people in my city and other parts of the world do what they want with the space.

If you have an idea, just take action. Work is the most precious investment, and your time is the greatest treasure you can give to a project.

In M ​​O M O R O O M, we want to show what you do. ♦